Your IRA/401k will NOT…


Your IRA/401k will NOT be enough to retire on!


Ladies and Gentlemen this is why you’re IRA and 401 k will NOT be enough money in the future.

I hope you have a nest egg built up outside of your IRA/401k, as you're going to need it and here's why...

1) Money Printing-the amount money being printed in Washington alone will not only kill the value of ALL of your savings in your iRA/401k, no matter how much is in there!

 2) Stock Market-I also believe as of this writing a big stock market correction is looming! Have you looked at a chart of the Dow Jones industrial s or the SP 500, since the last major crash in 1929?

Many individuals that have done studies which point out that the baby boomers are entering into retirement, the bulk of them will all hit and the same time and at the magic age of 70 1/2 everyone MUST start pulling their monies out of their 401k's and IRA's as a MANDATORY requirement. Thus if the majority of the baby boomers are pulling their monies out at the same time and very few if any are replacing them, what will have to the stock prices?? I can asusure you of this with more sellers than buyers what happens to the prices? I  can tell you this THEY are NOT going UP in price! Many experts think these Stock Markets will all peaks in 2015 or 2016!

The chart has just gone up for nearly 90 years or so, with no MAJOR pull backs, yes it and has had some minor pull backs but in the big scope of things there has been no major pull backs, this trend cannot last forever. Both multi-millionaires, Robert Kiyosaki and Sam Zell are predicting a MAJOR correction in the near future. Maybe in 2015-2016?


Dow Jones 1930-Present.


2)  Taxes-Do you know every dollar you have placed into your IRA/401k has been tax deferred (yes, everyone knows that), however did you also know that everyone of those dollars placed in there when they come out will be taxed at the ordinary tax level (just like if you were at a job), which is the highest level you can be taxed at! Maybe having an IRA/401k isn't such a good idea after all. As if you had invested these in an ordinary account you would have paid either long-term capital gain (most of us it’s at 20%) rather than approximately 39.6%, for Ordinary income Tax!

3) Lack of Other Retirement-Almost nobody has a pension any longer, or as some in the financial industry call it a safety net.

4) Social Security-Do you really think Social Security will still be around, if so it will probably cost $15. To buy a gallon of Milk! And I bet your SS check will have NOT kept up with INFLATION!

Ok, so I won’t be making as much as I was when I was working, so my tax bite will be much lower so i should be OK? So i guess you want to live at a MUCH lower standard than you are currently living at?

The value of your dollars is going to be much less than they are currently worth. The little you do have is going to be taxed at the highest possible level. This is really going to put a squeeze on the amount left in your IRA/401k. The middle class is already being squeezed which I believe is just the beginning.