About Us


My main mission is to help people obtain a greater Financial Education and gain control over the money they work so hard for!

The first few years I tried to get my Financial Education it was very difficult because I had built up a bunch of bad habits always trying to beat the Stock Market. But after years of study, I managed to find mentors who could educate me on the proper investing strategy, mostly the strategies that the ultra wealthy employ. I also learned that the Stock Market is one of the few things the wealthy do use, for building and creating wealth.

What else is there to say about us? Well,

I’m not one of those guys who spends thousands of dollars on the next Penny Stock tip, or playing the Lottery as I would call it. I believe in getting down to the root of a solid Financial Education, and changing things from the ground up, and spending money modestly.

Aside from that, I live in Kansas City.