Don’t Invest in a IRA/401k!


Don't Invest in a IRA/401k!


Why do the Rich not invest in a IRA, a Roth IRA or a 401k?

Did you know that the Ultra wealthy individuals, do not use these strategies, such as a IRA/401k,  as they can be some of the highest taxed investments in the United States, when you take your monies out!

Why do these wealthy Individuals not use a IRA, a Roth IRA or a 401k? Once you learn these strategies you will find out that these are just middle class ideas!

So how does one invest in a better way, from what I have learned most really wealthy individuals do not use the  STOCK MARKET! Again they say this is a strategy for the middle class!

I have studied investing and money management for years (as a hobby), as it always puzzled me why I was paying Soooo much in income taxes, as I knew there had to be a better way. Maybe because I was using the Stock Market as my primary investment tool?

Yet for years and years I kept getting the same old answers, from every accountant that I met. They all said the same thing; I was doing everything possible to minimize the amount of taxes I pay??

I just knew in my gut there had to be a better way. I just drifted from financial planners and accountants to another hoping they would share with me the secret formula.

Not until I met, Mike, now a friend of mine and he has shared a lot of these ultra wealthy strategies with me, as well. In fact he has showed me his plan to create a $100,000 a MONTH! Tax free retirement plan.

Now why should we listen to my Friend Mike?

Mike is just a little bit richer than me (by Millions of $$$).

So why am I sharing all of this with you?

Nobody shared with me any worthwhile knowledge, until I met Mike, and he revealed a lot of this “inside” information or as he likes to call it, the “Inside Strategies of the Rich”. The first thing I picked up they DO NOT think like you and me.

He is going to share some of his insights, through a free webinar, in the near future.

Such as: "If your401k and IRA's are such great investments why does the government control when you:"

  • Put your monies in?
  • How much you can put in?
  • When you can take your monies out?
  • Why you are required to take money out at a certain age?
  • Why you are taxed at the highest rate possible when you pull it out?
  • How you take all the risk and only receive a minimal return compared to Wall Street?

Stay tuned for more information